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Great ideas deserve tireless protection. Allow us to help you.


Do you have a good idea, an invention, or a new product? Then you should consider applying for patent protection. Patents are one of the cornerstones of protecting your company’s business and development.

If you have taken out a patent, you have the exclusive right to exploit your invention. This means that you can prohibit others from manufacturing and commercialising your invention. In addition to protecting your company, a patent often makes it easier to attract investors. It proves that your invention is valuable because it has added something new to the market and that it is protected against counterfeits.

Three fundamental criteria must be met to patent an invention:

  • It must be novel
  • It must involve an inventive step
  • It must be susceptible of industrial application

We would be pleased to help you with an initial clarification of whether patenting is the right path to take for your company, including by helping you answer the questions of novelty and inventive step by carrying out a novelty search.

We also assess the room you must operate in the market, called freedom to operate, and assist you in identifying the risks related to new projects for which you consider taking out a patent.

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