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Trademark monitoring

Perhaps the most dedicated trademark monitoring services you will ever experience

Trademark monitoring

Maintaining your trademarks is just as important as registering them. Maintaining a trademark means monitoring and responding if a third party should attempt to profit from your trademark by using it without your permission or by registering something that is very similar or likely to cause confusion.

When do you need to enforce your trademark?

Enforcing your trademark is at least as important as strengthening your trademark by registering it. A registered trademark indicates to the competition that you have a right. However, if someone uses your trademark without your permission, you have to stop them yourself. If you don’t respond to the infringement, the validity of your trademark may be contested.

You are responsible for enforcing your right, but we can help you monitoring your trademark – a service with several benefits.

The all-important benefit of trademark monitoring is that you are able to stay ahead of your competitors’ market activities and will be notified if a third party registers a trademark that infringes or closely resembles your trademark. It gives you the opportunity to respond in time, which may contribute to limiting the damage caused to your right. It also protects you against inadvertently getting too close to a third-party right when you develop new products.

How does trademark monitoring work?

We would be happy to tailor our monitoring service to suit your company, for instance to monitor a competitor, an industry or your company’s trademarks. The majority of our clients choose a service that includes the monitoring of all their products, but some clients opt to have only their most important products monitored. Our monitoring is based on the databases in which Danish and foreign trademark authorities register rights, and we will send the results to you at the intervals you request.

You may also use us to have scam webshops shut down or to have counterfeit products removed from major online portals. With online brand protection, you take back the control of your online brand. We don’t just send you a list of results for you to act on yourself. The list of results may be long and include many items to be evaluated. Our usual service includes setting up the monitoring of your trademarks, performing a threat analysis and preparing a report with our recommended approach. This will free up your time to devote yourself to other tasks in your business.

Our monitoring service also includes searching for new trademark applicants and monitoring their activities. Based on our findings, we may recommend that you issue a warning letter, lodge an opposition or take other measures. We will determine the appropriate response in collaboration with you.

How can we help you?

Our attorneys-at-law and legal specialists are best placed to assess whether or not an item on the list of results constitutes a potential threat. After reviewing the monitoring results, we will send you a list of only the items that are relevant to your business. This allows you to stay ahead of your competition and any infringers without spending too much of your time. And it may have a positive effect on the bottom line.

Our trademark monitoring service covers individual countries, the whole of the EU, the Nordics or worldwide, and we report back to you well in advance of the deadline for lodging an opposition.

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