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Patent monitoring service

Effective monitoring of competitors and protection of rights.

Patent monitoring service

Supported by our patent monitoring service, you can keep an eye on your markets and development areas as well as on any steps taken by your competitors in relation to a specific product.

You can also monitor a specific technology as a way of staying up to date on upcoming patent applications in a specific area. In short, patent monitoring is an easy, inexpensive, and effective method to support you in developing new products and to keep you informed about the activities and focus areas of known and unknown competitors. Patent monitoring simplifies navigating around third-party patent rights, while at the same time making it easier to protect and enforce your own rights and may therefore be an important element in your company’s risk assessment and risk mitigation efforts.

How does patent monitoring work?

Our patent monitoring is based on the databases in which Danish and foreign authorities register applications for utility model and patent rights. You can monitor one or more of your competitors, an entire industry, a product category, a specific technology, or specific patents – in one or several markets.

There is huge benefit to getting an overview of the markets that are relevant to you and your company, and it allows you to respond immediately if a third party applies for a patent for a product that either infringes your rights or potentially puts a stop to your production or sales.

You can also keep an eye on new inventions patented in your area and use this knowledge as a source of inspiration to develop and add new products to your own portfolio. We offer a basic monitoring service, ensuring that you receive a report on the monitoring results once a month, but you can also choose to have the patent monitoring tailored specifically to the needs of your company.

Growing need for monitoring

The number of patent rights is increasing globally. And with the Unitary Patent (a patent applying in all member states of the European Unified Patent Court), the number of patents of relevance to the individual company is expected to increase too. This will make it even more difficult to find your space in the market, navigating around third-party rights and preventing infringement of your own rights. The need to know the landscape of pre-existing rights and applications will grow as well.

At the same time, the Unitary Patent will make it easier to sue infringers because you only need to bring your lawsuit before a single court, the Unified Patent Court. As a patentee, the Unitary Patent has the added benefit that a single lawsuit can potentially prevent the sale of a product throughout the EU. This is good news for the rightsholder, but costly for the infringer, making it even more important that you do not inadvertently infringe any third-party rights.

How can we help you?

We have various services to help you mitigate risk and monitor the activities of your competitors. We customise our monitoring service to suit the technical field, markets, plans, needs and not least the resources of your company – both in the short and the long term.

Most importantly, we have the expertise and experience to offer taking on the essential role as a specially trusted sounding board, regardless of the maturity and patent experience of your company. Depending on your preferences and needs, our monitoring covers individual countries, the whole of the EU, the Nordics or worldwide, and we report back to you at agreed intervals.

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