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Lea Pilegaard Hammershøj

Lea Pilegaard Hammershøj

Patent Consultant

Kay Fiskers Plads 9, 4., 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark

Lea is a part of our patent department based in Aarhus.

She has previously worked as a Scientific and Regulatory Affairs specialist in a cosmetics company, where she, among other things, was responsible for ensuring that the products and the marketing hereof was compliant with Danish and European legislation.

Lea holds a MSc in Chemistry from Aarhus University with specialisation in biophysical chemistry. Her Master’s thesis dealt with photophysical characterisations of protein-bound photosensitizers, where the goal was to find the optimal photosensitizer for application in biological tissue.

Throughout both her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree studies she has in particular dealt with protein expression, protein purification, a wide range of spectroscopic methods, lasers and optics.