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Patent administration

We make it a point of honour to protect your patents.

Patent administration

You can easily underestimate the importance of patent administration. Patent administration covers a wide range of tasks, such as archiving and filing documents, meeting regulatory deadlines, ensuring formal information and not least keeping track of all the tasks.

Patent administration is one of the components essential to ensuring the validity of your patent and hence to protecting your invention. And you need to be on top of patent administration from the very moment you have an invention you want to patent.

What is patent administration?

When you apply for a patent, it is obviously important to ensure that the right information is filed with the authorities. All documents containing formal information, such as the name of the inventor, the holder of the patent and any assignments of an invention to a company must be filed correctly.

During the application process, which in some cases takes up to four years or more, you also need to perform timely case management. During the process from filing of the patent application to patent grant, you will be expected to answer queries from the authorities, for instance providing arguments as to why you need a patent, and often you will also need to adjust your application. If you fail to respond within the deadlines set by the authorities, you risk forfeiting your rights permanently.

After your patent has been granted, you will still receive queries from the authorities that require you to respond. For example, queries concerning post-grant opposition, which need to be handled correctly and in compliance with specific deadlines.

When you have been granted a patent, your right will be valid for up to twenty years from the date of application subject to payment of an annual renewal fee. If you have patents in several markets, managing them will quickly become quite an onerous task.

How can we help you?

We are ready to help you with patent administration. We have a highly skilled team of paralegals, several of whom are QIPAs (Qualified Intellectual Property Administrators) having completed the patent administration programme offered by the Danish Institute for IPR Training. We have a unique overview of our clients’ rights, and we know what is important in the day-to-day routines of each individual company in order to ensure optimum maintenance and protection of patents and other rights.

Allow us to help you

We offer to handle the full range of administrative tasks related to your patent portfolio, saving you the worry. Our service is your guarantee that all deadlines will be met and that, through our EXTRANET tool, all case documents are available to you.

Patent administration is a challenge for many companies. However, it is actually one of the areas in which digitalisation and legaltech have brought about major changes. Here, too, we have a solid product offering: Our IP Highlighter digital tool offers a quick and easy overview of all rights in your IP portfolio. It also provides an easy way of calculating and getting an overview of future costs, e.g. renewal costs, and is thus a very helpful tool when preparing your budget. Access to the tool is free of charge for our clients. Click here to learn more about our legaltech services.

Do you need help with patent administration?

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