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Rest assured. When it’s your business, we take it personally.

Rest assured. 
When it’s your 
business, we take 
it personally.

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The world is a global playground for brands and businesses to profit from creativity and innovation. And we innovate like never before. Meanwhile, competitors and imitators lurk just around the corner threatening the competitiveness of originators. Therefore, businesses need brand attention. Attention on potential violations. Attention to protect their intellectual property. You never know, what the future holds, but you can protect it.

We give you our undivided attention to ensure your competitiveness. Surely, we stand up for what is right in the eyes of the law. But at the same time, we stand up for the right way to conduct. To us treating people with respect is strength of character that demonstrates the difference between confidence and arrogance. Obviously, we find it hard to believe that you would trust the latter of the two.

And trust is essential. When it’s mutual we come to know each other. And because we know you and your business, we can always depict your needs and bring it to your attention. Because we want intellectual property to be in safe hands. And when it’s your business, we take it personally.

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Partner, European Trademark & Design Attorney

Charlotte Rask Boddum

T +45 8930 9793 · M +45 2895 8550 ·

Partner, Attorney-at-law (H)

Eva Nødskov Aaen

T +45 8930 9725 · M +45 2859 1950 ·

Partner, European Patent Attorney

Jens Tellefsen

T +45 8930 9710 · M +45 2895 8551 ·

Partner, European Patent Attorney, European Patent Litigator

Lasse Rosenfeld Lauridsen

T +45 8930 9723 · M +45 2148 3190 ·

Partner, Attorney-at-law (L)

Nick Lissner

T +45 8930 9791 · M +45 2870 5410 ·

Partner, European Patent Attorney

Nina Skivesen

T +45 8930 9766 · M +45 2872 2147 ·

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