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Mie Haslund

Mie Haslund

European Patent Attorney

Ceresbyen 75, 6., 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

As a European Patent Attorney (EPA) and Certified Danish Patent Agent (CDPA), Mie works with all patent-related aspects. She can assist with everything from novelty searches and patentability assessments of new inventions, drafting and filing patent applications, responding to reports from the official patent authorities, issuing patents, patent oppositions, and patent trials.

Mie has a background within civil engineering (Cand.Polyt.) from Aarhus University and has expertise in:

Green energy and energy optimization, Power-to-X, building engineering, technology development processes, technology management and general understanding of mechanics.

Moreover, Mie is appointed as an appraiser on the official list of appraisers and can thus also assist as an appraiser in patent litigations.

You can also find Mie as a Censor at the Danish universities.