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Patrade Legal

We are a highly specialised international law firm, advising our clients on issues related to intellectual property law, contract law, competition law, IT law and some aspects of company law.

We work with enforcement in all types of disputes related to intellectual property law or the Danish Marketing Act, including lawsuits, injunction and preservation of evidence cases, infringement cases, invalidity cases, parallel import, and anti-counterfeit cases. We take charge of negotiations in connection with contracts or disputes related to intellectual property rights, and we draft intellectual property contracts, such as license agreements, assignment agreements, IT contracts, techtrans agreements and distribution agreements.

We assist Patrade A/S with the enforcement of IP rights, but we also collaborate with foreign lawyers and IP advisers. This close collaboration is for the benefit of our clients. It means that we cover the full spectrum of services from application and registration of a right, such as a patent or a trademark, to potential infringement lawsuits and court rulings. This makes us a full-service consultancy firm and ensures that you need not engage any other advisers if you want to protect your rights. We have in-depth insight into your cases, and we offer both technical and legal expertise under one roof – saving you time and money.

Several of the attorneys-at-law working at Patrade Legal lecture on intellectual property law and the general law of property and have authored various articles in these areas.

Disclosure of legally privileged information

Patrade Legal is a private limited company.

The attorneys-at-law working at Patrade Legal have been admitted to practise law by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Patrade Legal has taken out third-party liability insurance with HDI-Gerling. All attorneys-at-law are covered by the company’s liability insurance and guarantee scheme. The third-party liability insurance covers all legal services performed by Patrade Legal, regardless of place.

Patrade Legal’s company registration (VAT) no. is 34 71 47 70.

Our fees are based on the individual case and the following criteria: The value or significance of the case to the client, the scope and complexity of the work performed, the outcome of the case, the time spent, including whether work was required to be performed outside normal working hours or on a rush basis, the responsibility associated with the case and social considerations.

Patrade Legal collaborates with others, primarily Patrade A/S, on the provision of assistance as per agreement with the client and on request provides information about the measures taken to avoid any conflicts of interest in that respect.

The attorneys-at-law working at Patrade Legal are subject to the supervisory and disciplinary system of the Danish Bar and Law Society and the rules of professional conduct set out in section 126 of the Danish Administration of Justice Act. In addition, the code of ethics for lawyers applies, see the website of the Danish Bar and Law Society (available in Danish only).

Any disputes arising between Patrade Legal and our clients will be settled in accordance with Danish law before the courts of law in Denmark.

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