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Online Brand Protection

Perhaps the most dedicated brand protection you can find.

Online Brand Protection

We refuse to accept that online criminals trade on our clients’ reputation

We work hard to have scam webshops closed and to have ads for counterfeits removed. Allow us to fight for your products and your trademark.

Regain control of your brand

You may think that combatting scam webshops and counterfeits is a very costly and complex affair. But do not despair; it is our stated aim to help our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. In all modesty, we have a success rate of close to 100 per cent. Having specialised in online brand protection for many years, we have developed a process that makes it far less costly than you might think.

We have a partnership with Maersk on online brand protection and enforcement of IP rights.

Cross-disciplinary team of specialists

One of the great benefits of working with us to protect your brand online is that we have the required IT and legal competencies under one roof. This makes us highly effective and enables us to enforce your rights more forcefully.
First, we have employees who perform the initial technical searches to identify scam webshops and counterfeits infringing your rights. Then, our legal specialists take charge, handling the process that will result in the scam webshops being closed, scam ads being removed and the infringements of your brand being brought to an end.

We assist DK Company to get rid of scams and counterfeits.

How does online brand protection work?

One of the most important things is to be proactive and to intervene before any damage is done and the counterfeits reach the consumers. We have built competencies, developed several IT tools and have a process that enables us to systematically monitor, identify and remove scam webshops before your customers take the bait. We find counterfeits on scam webshops, social media and established online retailers, such as Alibaba and eBay, with which we maintain a close and direct dialogue. We also monitor domains with a view to detecting early any infringing domains. A special strength of ours is the speed with which we get things done. We have several examples of clients that fought in vain for a long time, sometimes for years, to have specific domains closed, where – when we became involved – we managed to put a stop to the scam using our expertise and special targeted efforts.

How do you protect yourself against unlawful online sales?

The first step is to discover that an infringement is taking place. The next step is to react to the infringement in time to prevent dilution of your company’s trademark or loss of your rights.

We offer our clients a full-package service, and we are dedicated to making things easy for our clients. We do not just perform computer-generated searches and send you raw data. Our specialists always perform a legal assessment of all the data and take the steps necessary to put a stop to any infringements. All of this is embedded in a continuous process, in which you, as a client, are only involved in any rare issues of doubt or ambiguity.


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