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Article · 04.10.2021

A digital IP administration tool

For many companies, the administration of trademark registration etc. is a common challenge. However, it is actually one of the areas in which digitisation has brought about major changes.

Authored by Attorney-at-law Nick Lissner

Our digital tool, IP Highlighter, has rendered a heavy artillery of filing cabinets, suspension files and, not least, a vast amount of spreadsheets superfluous. Also, online filing of applications, renewal of rights and other self-service solutions have made IP portfolio management easier than ever before.

Self-service functions making it easy to predict costs

The concept behind IP Highlighter is to offer a quick and transparent overview of all rights in an IP portfolio: What rights do we have, in which countries and what do they cover? The tool will also ease your budgeting work by pre-calculating and presenting future costs, such as renewal fees. In other words, a digital “What, Where and When”, developed for and in collaboration with our clients.

Users involved in developing the tool

The number of IP Highlighter users is constantly growing. Based on their feedback and wishes, we continuously add new functions. This has resulted in a tool which is not only designed to provide an overview; it is also increasingly focused on the administration of rights. A digital world map, for example, not only helps you to visualise where your rights are registered. It also pinpoints any unexploited, potential markets to be integrated in your IP strategy going forward.

Furthermore, IP Highlighter features a range of self-service functions offering the possibility of making and implementing decisions from your home PC. With only a few clicks, you can renew or decline renewals or prepare a trademark application for the relevant countries. This allows for fast decision-making and eliminates the need for otherwise extensive prior correspondence. In this way, you will also quickly be provided with a budget overview, making IP Highlighter a practical and strategic business development tool. Learn more about IP strategy.

You will not be left to do everything yourself, however. All selections made via the self-service functions will be checked by one of our advisers, who will assess whether more optimal or less expensive options are available to you and your business. The aim is to ensure that the selection makes sense in the context of your specific IP portfolio and IP strategy.

Business operations made easy

Your cases in IP Highlighter are linked to the matching cases in Extranet. Here, you can retrieve all the work we have done for you. Whether in respect of trademarks, patents, brand or design, our collaboration will always be fully transparent.

Your cases are only a few clicks away, and you will also be able to view invoice amounts, specifications of work invoiced and estimates of future invoicing. You can also easily find your case history and view all your correspondence with us. Various functions for filtering and categorising data ensure a clear overview, regardless of the number of cases you have.

Want to learn more?

Access to IP Highlighter is free of charge for our clients. If you are a client with our firm and have not used the tool yet contact us for registration.

Because of IP Highlighter, the Danish company, DK Company, reacts in time when other companies try to violate their logos and trademarks.