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News · 12.10.2021

Ratification of the Madrid Protocol lowers the cost of trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates

On 28 September 2021, the United Arab Emirates ratified the Madrid Protocol, becoming the 109th signatory country. The Madrid Protocol now covers 125 territories. The United Arab Emirates is the third Gulf State country to ratify the Madrid Protocol, preceded only by Bahrain and Oman.

By Nick Lissner

Quite a lot of Danish businesses sell their products in the United Arab Emirates, typically requiring registration of trademarks before even a single product can be sold. Previously, filing an application to register a trademark in the United Arab Emirates was a costly and cumbersome process. The process will be less costly and easier following the ratification of the Madrid Protocol by the United Arab Emirates, with lower start-up costs for companies entering the market.

About the Madrid Protocol

The Madrid System makes it possible to apply for trademark protection in currently up to 125 territories by filing a single international application through the national or regional IP office of a Madrid Protocol member country. In the Madrid System, you may apply for trademark protection in several countries at the same time, without using a local representative, providing for a much smoother and less costly single-track process.

The Madrid System is also the most efficient way to reduce the regular costs of maintaining your trademark portfolio, such as renewals, assignments, etc.

Our legal experts specialising in intellectual property law are ready to advise you on how to file an application for trademark registration through the Madrid System. You can write to us or find the location of our nearest office here.