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Verification of social media accounts

This page serves to confirm that the following Instagram and Facebook accounts are owned and controlled by the intellectual property consultancy firm, Patrade A/S. The accounts are used to contact Instagram and Facebook users who may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of Patrade’s clients when other means of communication are unavailable.

Instagram: patrade_enforcement1

Facebook: patrade.enforcement

Patrade A/S provides intellectual property services such as online brand protection as well as IP portfolio management. Patrade also consists of Patrade Legal which handles litigation and other services related to law suits.

As such, we are authorized to act on behalf of our clients by taking legal action against any unauthorized use of their trade marks, patented inventions, copyright protected material and designs.

This page should be sufficient to verify the legitimacy of the accounts mentioned above as it proves that the owners of the domain,, also control the accounts. The ownership of the domain name can be verified using its WHOIS information and by cross-referencing Patrade’s other online presences such as on LinkedIn.