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Monitoring & Watch

We watch out for counterfeits, so you don't have to.

Monitoring & Watch

We keep a close eye on your rights and any infringements

Effective monitoring of competitors and protection of rights

We safeguard your IP rights

By registering an IP right, you have taken an important step towards protecting your invention, product name, design or similar. Unfortunately, a registered right does not in itself provide a guarantee that the authorities will not issue new patents, trademarks or designs that are likely to cause confusion with or are even identical to yours. But do not despair, our specialists and their tools are here to help you.

Monitoring has many benefits

Our monitoring service not only identifies new, potentially infringing rights, it also allows you to stay up to date on your competition and new trends. As part of our service, we offer monitoring to identify whether other companies are targeting your company’s rights and threatening your business. Our effective system will raise an alert at a very early stage. We will also detect any outright infringements of your rights, for instance in the form of counterfeits.

How does the monitoring work in practice?

We have effective tools that are designed to identify infringements. Any findings will be reviewed by our legal specialists; we will never just send you a list or a spreadsheet with issues of concern. Before you receive anything from us, we will have considered whether what we have found constitutes a threat or an outright infringement requiring action. In many situations, time is of the essence, for instance in the case of counterfeits that have to be removed from the market before customers have the chance to buy them. To this end, we are often in direct dialogue with online retailers such as Amazon. In these cases, we will have arranged for the counterfeits to be removed before you even hear from us.

Depending on your preferences and needs, our monitoring covers individual countries, the whole of the EU, the Nordics or worldwide, and we report back to you at agreed intervals.

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