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Legal advice

When others bend the rules, we respectfully object.

Legal advice

If you’re looking for a single service provider to cover all your IP needs, look no further

Technical and legal expertise under one roof saves you time and enhances the quality of our services.

One of the most important benefits of being a Patrade client is that we combine patent agency and highly specialised legal advisory services under one roof. Patrade is the IP consultancy firm in Denmark that has the largest legal team - Patrade Legal.

Our legal specialists work closely with our patent attorneys and our European Patent Attorneys, ensuring that you can have all your needs covered under one roof without having to engage a host of different advisers. In short, we have both the technical and legal competencies in-house, which is time-saving for you and increases the quality of our advisory services.


All of our attorneys-at-law, assistant attorneys and lawyers work exclusively with issues related to intellectual property. In addition to having intellectual property law as their core expertise, they specialise in one or more of the following fields:

We work with enforcement in all types of disputes related to intellectual property law or the Danish Marketing Act, including lawsuits, injunction and preservation of evidence cases, infringement cases, invalidity cases, parallel import and anti-counterfeit cases. We have attorneys-at-law with a right of audience before the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court, the Danish Eastern and Western High Courts and the Danish Supreme Court.

So far, the score of won lawsuits is 15-0 in favour of PanzerGlass.

We take charge of negotiations in connection with contracts or disputes related to intellectual property rights, and we draft intellectual property contracts, such as licence agreements, assignment agreements, IT contracts, techtrans agreements and distribution agreements.

We helped Hoei with domains, licenses and a contractual framework.

Legal services


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