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Marketing law

When others bend the rules, we must object.

Marketing law

The Danish Marketing Practices Act governs how businesses may act in terms of marketing their goods to consumers and other businesses, and what their marketing materials may contain.

The Danish Marketing Practices Act, the Danish Trademarks Act, the Danish Copyrights Act, the Danish Design Act and the General Data Protection Regulation complement each other. The complexities of the rules with which you are required to comply and the considerations you need to make increase with digitalisation, the need for marketing through new channels and a growing international market.

Product imitation issues are also governed by the Danish Marketing Practices Act. There are many aspects you need to be aware of.

Why is marketing law important to me?

The Danish Marketing Practices Act and the Danish Competition Act ensure free competition in the market, including that a buyer is able to choose a product on a transparent basis. Failure to comply with the rules may result in lawsuits brought by competitors or the Consumer Ombudsman.

The Danish Marketing Practices Act generally governs the presentation of advertisements, rules on the supply of goods and services, including the rules on distribution of electronic communication as well as the rules on obtaining consent to distribution. In terms of product imitations, the Danish Marketing Practices Act also supplements acts on intellectual property rights, such as the Danish Trademarks Act and the Danish Design Act. If a product is not protected by intellectual property law, the Danish Marketing Practices Act may prevent product imitations for products that have a certain identity for marketing purposes.

How can we help you?

All of our attorneys-at-law, assistant attorneys and lawyers work exclusively with issues related to intellectual property rights as their core competency. In addition, they specialise in one or more of the following fields: copyright law, GDPR, design law, trade secrets and competition law.

We work with enforcement in all types of disputes related to intellectual property law and the Danish Marketing Practices Act. If you’re looking for a single service provider to cover all your IP needs, look no further.

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