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Enforcement and litigation

We look after your rights

Enforcement and litigation

At the very core of exclusive rights such as patents, trademarks, designs, trade secrets and rights under the Danish Marketing Practices Act lies the right to prohibit others from exploiting the rights commercially and to claim compensation should infringement nonetheless occur.

Enforcement is a key component of the life cycle of your rights. If your rights are infringed, it is essential to have a lawyer who knows every inch of the matter at hand – and who has access to important knowledge about your area of business.

If a third party infringes your patent on an invention, it may be of vital importance that your lawyer specialises in IP rights and that he or she has in-house access to some of Denmark’s most skilled patent experts. Our patent attorneys’ knowledge about your invention and area of business is often a crucial supplement to your lawyer’s legal expertise – and it increases your chances of succeeding.

How we can help you if you face an infringement claim

If you are faced with a claim that you have infringed a third party’s rights, we will initially carry out a thorough evaluation of whether the claim is justified. Based on our evaluation, we determine the best possible strategy, which in the circumstances may consist in contesting the claim and raising a counterclaim, for example by requesting revocation of the right on which the claim is based.

A part of the strategy may be to seek a negotiated settlement. We have extensive experience in negotiating legal and commercial settlement agreements, including as part of judicial mediation or out-of-court mediation.

How we enforce your rights if they have been infringed

We combine patent agency and legal advisory services under one roof, and we have a large number of lawyers ready to handle your interests in all aspects of an infringement case. You can expect to benefit greatly from this close collaboration, because our services cover all of your needs from application and registration of a right to delivery of a judgment in a lawsuit. We have in-depth insight into your cases, making the full range of our technical and legal expertise available to you. This means that you only need one adviser for the entire process of protecting your rights.

The more expertise we combine under one roof, the better your chances of succeeding and keeping costs low.

Our legal specialists work with enforcement in all types of disputes related to intellectual property law and the Danish Marketing Practices Act, and they have extensive experience in handling lawsuits, arbitration proceedings, injunction and preservation of evidence cases, cases before administrative appeals bodies as well as unlawful parallel import and anti-counterfeit cases.

We always make sure to prepare a strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs, so that you can rest assured that your case is handled in the best possible manner.

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