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News · 17.09.2021

Protect your brand against infringement and improper use

We have entered into a new partnership with Atak Nordic, a company providing a service that perfectly complements our Online Brand Protection Services, namely Online Reputation Management (ORM).

A brand is an intangible thing. It is mostly made up of the target group’s perceptions about a business or a specific product or service. What a consumer thinks about a brand is the sum of a host of things, and the consumer’s perceptions are similarly influenced by a host of things.

In practice, this means that brand owners – whether of product brands or corporate brands – may influence their brands in many ways and, likewise, that the brand may be influenced in many ways.

At Patrade, we assist our customers in seeking IP protection of their brands, for instance through patents, trademarks and design rights. And with our Online Brand Protection services, we protect brands against improper use online, for instance in the form of counterfeits or domain fraud. Over the past several years, we have developed effective approaches to identifying fraudsters and quickly putting a stop to any improper use.

However, one thing we cannot do anything about is negative publicity which is not illegal. Such publicity also affects a brand’s reputation, and it may be a costly affair in both the short and the long term if your brand is slammed online or perhaps even ends up in the eye of a proverbial shitstorm. This is where our new business partner, Atak Nordic, comes in. They specialise in dealing with negative publicity, both in its more benign forms and when the heat is really turned up, such as in the case of a downright shitstorm.

We get no commission from recommending Atak Nordic’s Online Reputation Management services, but we would be more than happy to put you in touch with them, because it is very much in our interest that our customers’ brands are protected as best as possible.

Contact one of our attorneys-at-law to learn more about the possibilities available for protecting your brand online.

This article is written by attorney-at-law Mathias Bartholdy.