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News · 22.10.2021

Patrade partners appointed to international expert committees

The International Trademark Association (INTA) selected Eva Nødskov Aaen and Charlotte Rask Boddum as members of two committees among more than 3,900 applicants. This cements their status as heavyweights within the areas of IP and, particularly, trademarks.

INTA’s members are both brand owners and IP advisers. Patrade is also a member. The committees are made up of experts who are tasked with drafting guidelines, policies and best practice, among other things, for the benefit of all INTA members.

“It’s incredibly valuable to us and our clients that we play an active role in INTA’s collaboration across borders. Practically all our clients are active in many export markets, and it’s crucial that we’re always at the forefront of developments in international practice within our area of expertise,” explains Eva Nødskov Aaen, Partner and Attorney-at-law. She adds:

“Collaborating with international brand owners and other IP specialists, we all have the chance to broaden each other’s horizons and strengthen our professional expertise. We’re therefore delighted to contribute to the work of the committee, such as preparing reports on the latest global trends.”

Charlotte Rask Boddum, Partner and European Trademark & Design Attorney, is also excited about her appointment.

“Together with the other members of Patrade’s team of specialists, I help businesses protect their brands online. I’m therefore very pleased to be joining this particular committee, where we’ll be drafting policies etc. on how to best protect brands online. Right now, online brand protection is one of our fastest growing services; our clients have a great need for expert assistance in this area, and we see a growing demand for both online protection and enforcement of trademark rights,” Charlotte comments.

Charlotte has been appointed to the Internet Committee. As the name suggests, the committee works on issues related to brands and online trademark protection. It is highly topical, as the online availability of counterfeit goods has sadly increased in recent years.

Eva has been appointed to the Emerging Issues Committee, which focuses on trends and emerging issues related to trademarks. One such issue is sound marks, which the committee has dealt with in the past and, more recently, the relevance of IP protection within the field of artificial intelligence.

International Trademark Association (INTA)