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Stine Rønberg

Stine Rønberg

Patent Consultant

Østre Havnepromenade 26, 2., 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Stine is a member of our Patents team and works from our offices in both Aalborg and Aarhus. 

Stine previously worked as an industrial designer and product developer at Innoflex A/S and byLink ApS, specialising in user-driven health innovation. As both of these companies were start-ups, Stine worked with a wide range of different aspects of their activities, spanning from development, contact with suppliers, design protection applications, contact with users and user tests, not to mention montage, graphic design and web design.

Stine holds an MSc in Industrial Design from Aalborg University. Her master’s thesis focused on the optimisation of Danish and small foreign winegrowers’ production of sparkling wine.

As part of her master’s programme, she studied for a semester at Michigan State University, focusing on user involvement, Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI), three-dimensional design and industrial design in mechanical engineering.