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"We are so well protected that no one even bothers to copy us"

"We are so well protected that no one even bothers to copy us"

Shape Regime, with the help of Patrade, has achieved complete protection on an idea that pampers your sneakers so they last longer. As a result, the company can now attract investors and customers that would otherwise be out of reach.

Roald Nore knew right away that he was on to something.

He's been making shoes for 25 years, and a few years ago he experimented with a reinterpretation of an old-school shoe tree that could replace the newsprint that many people still stuff in their shoes to remove odor and moisture. However, the prototype was shelved amidst other projects. But a couple of years ago, when his teenage daughter asked if she could have some of those “thingies” to put in her shoes, the idea popped up again.

"She wanted to use them for her sneakers, and I immediately knew that there was something there. After all, everyone wears sneakers, and today it's a completely different playing field with people paying thousands of dollars for them," says Roald Nore, founder of Shape Regime.

All-around protection

The development went well and Roald Nore saw more and more potential in his idea. But as long as it wasn't protected, he couldn't talk to anyone about it. He therefore contacted Patrade who helped him cover all aspects of the shoe, and as a result he now has patent (), design, trademark, and online protection.

"It gives us peace of mind because all the protections combined make it very difficult to copy our product, meaning that those who might consider it probably won't even dare to try. It goes without saying that it has a huge value," says Roald Nore, who has had both his shapes and sticks fully protected.

The shape is used in the same way as an old-school shoe tree, but is specifically designed for sneakers and sports shoes.  It prevents the shoes from collapsing and losing their original shape, and with the scent stick inserted the shoe also smells fresh. The shape also makes it easier to clean the shoes, and with specially designed holes the shape additionally allows the shoe to breathe while it dries. When you buy a pack of shapes, you also get a couple of sticks to sample. It's a scent stick that can be inserted into the back of the shape and has a technology that can get rid of unpleasant odors.

"The combination of our two products serves to extend the life of your shoes and I am confident that they will become the care essential of the future. Kind of similar to how we've all been carrying around key hangers for the last 30 years; a thing that everyone needs. They just don't know it yet," says Roald Nore.

Easier access to customers and investors

The complete protection provided by patent, design, trademark, and online protection has given Roald Nore and Shape Regime a huge assurance that the product remains in their hands.

"When you enter this field (IPR) you have no idea how extensive it is, which is why full-service consultancy is important. As a result it has become incredibly easy to find partners and large customers. The protection has also provided crucial security for investors, who naturally find it more attractive to provide money for something that is protected in all possible ways," says Roald Nore.

He is also pleased that Shape Regime has been protected online from the beginning so that fake websites or counterfeit products have not put a spanner in the works.

"It's completely overwhelming to keep track of it yourself, after all" says Roald Nore, who is looking forward to distributing the two unique products far and wide without fear of having his idea stolen or copied.

"It offers me peace of mind so that I can concentrate on my business," he says.

Footwear has a tremendous impact on the climate. And after a period with no concern for the consumption of resources, Roald Nore is excited to be able to offer a shoe tree 2.0 that makes it much easier for consumers to take care of both the planet and the investment that shoes have become for many.

“The patent, along with design, brand and, online protection, has made it incredibly easy to find partners and large customers. In addition, it has also provided crucial security for investors.”

Roald Nore

Founder, Shape Regime

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