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New technology utilizes excess electricity for green transition

S.C. Nordic has invented a technology solution which can ensure that green transition becomes a reality. With the help of Patrade, the invention has been patented, thus ensuring the best possible protection of S.C. Nordic's business.

When Jutland's many wind turbines produce heaps of power on windy days, but there aren't enough electric cars or refrigerated counters that require said power, what usually happens is that the wind turbine shuts down, to ensure that it doesn't provide power to the grid.

But with a new technology solution developed by the entrepreneurial company S.C. Nordic, the excess electricity can be utilised - and help a great deal in the green transition.

"We specialize in utilising theelectricity grid’s need for a balance between production and consumption. So instead of shutting down the wind turbines, as is usually the case, customers who use our system can take advantage of the excess electricity to charge batteries in their vehicles, cool goods in supermarkets, or store heat via a heat pump," says Mogens Birkelund.

Electricity consumption regulated at a moment’s notice

He is the CEO of S.C. Nordic, which develops and sells technologies for energy efficiency improvement and the utilisation of excess electricity from wind turbines, among other things.

This is relevant for food businesses e.g., which typically have a high electricity consumption for heat treatment of food, disinfection, cleaning, etc. With the help of S.C. Nordic's invention, the retailer Coop can, for example, regulate the electricity consumption of its refrigerated counters in less than two seconds.

"We have developed a technology that automatically channels the excess electricity to customers at all times of the day. Our system is integrated with the electricity grid so that we can detect when a situation of excess electricity is about to arise," says Mogens Birkelund.

When that happens, S.C Nordic's solution helps companies that have the system – such as Coop – freeze their goods harder than the usual minus 18 degrees, while the power is cheap. When the power becomes expensive again, the company can then stop consuming power until the goods once again reach the required minus 18 degrees.

"Perhaps companies start charging batteries in their electric cars, creating a demand. That way, the wind turbine keeps running, as the technology ensures that the power is utilised," explains Mogens Birkelund.

IP advisory is a great investment

Besides being green, the electricity generated from wind turbines is also cheaper than natural gas e.g. With S.C. Nordic's solution, the energy is therefore better utilised, the power is green, and the prices drop - In short, everything suddenly comes together.

"We possess one of the technology solutions required for the green transition to work. As a result, it's been extremely important for us to obtain a patent for our invention. Because when we become recognized on the market for being the first to solve that problem, others might seek to figure out how we did it. Yet, as a result of being the first and having applied for and obtained a patent, we ultimately hold the rights. And that obviously gives us a very big competitive advantage," says Mogens Birkelund.

He is pleased, with the help of Patrade, to have succeeded in patenting a software solution directly supports the green transition. And he would certainly advise other companies at risk of having their invention copied to invest in a patent.

"The assurance that your product is protected is worth its weight in gold. From the very beginning, Patrade has managed to understand our solution and translate it into the patent language. So, I've been happy and proud to talk about what we do, with Patrade having translated it into something that has an immense value for me," Mogens Birkelund says, adding that:

"The patent language is gibberish to the average person. That's why it's so important to have advisors you trust and who understand what your business is all about. Because, if the patent is not worded precisely in the way required for your business to be protected, it holds no value to you in the end."

The patent covers Europe and the US, given that the software solution could be relevant anywhere.

"It's crazy hard work to be a growth entrepreneur. So it goes without saying that I'm excited to watch the potential of what I've been working for unfold. And now that we've patented the technology, we've got peace of mind, and that’s golden," says Mogens Birkelund.

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“From the very beginning, Patrade has managed to understand our solution and translate it into something that brings huge value to my business.”

Mogens Birkelund

CEO S.C. Nordic

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