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The Queen® brand requires wide protection

The Queen® brand requires wide protection

When you've spent endless resources on becoming the best in your field, there's no point in letting others cash in on it.

Flowers aren't just flowers.

Ever since the 1980s, Danish flower producer Knud Jepsen A/S has been so talented at refining the Kalanchoe plant - also known as “Flaming Katy”, or (in Denmark) as "Burning Love" - that the company is now the world's largest producer of said plant, which is being marketed under the Queen® brand.

"Over the years we have been refining the products more and more, and today we offer beautiful varieties with large flowers, bright colors, and fantastic longevity," says Louise Brinch Jepsen.

Broad protection

Louise Brinch Jepsen is Creative Manager at Knud Jepsen A/S, a third-generation family business that has upheld its proud traditions of craftsmanship since the garden nursery was established in 1939. From the garden nursery, located at the head office in Hinnerup north of Aarhus, the company sells potted plants to Danish and European customers, and cuttings to gardeners worldwide with their own flower production. This requires 110 employees at the garden nursery in Denmark, as well as production facilities in Türkiye and Vietnam as well as brand partners in the Netherlands.

"When you have spent an infinite amount of resources on becoming the best in your field, it's no use if others can profit from it, and unfortunately we have often been subjected to this," says Louise Brinch Jepsen.

That's why the company sought advice from Patrade, which has assisted with four measures of protection: Trademark applications, which now means that Queen can prevent others from applying for, registering, or using a trademark such as a name or logo that is similar to theirs.

"When our competitors can't name any of their flowers Queen, they can't capitalize on our business, which allows us rest easy at night," says Louise Brinch Jepsen.

Alone on the market

In addition, Patrade helps monitor the rights. Thus, if any other companies around the world use or plan to use the Queen trademark to describe their flowers, or anything else that could be problematic for Queen, it will be stopped.

"In Denmark, it might be manageable to monitor. But as soon as you move overseas, it becomes completely overwhelming. So it's very important to receive help in enforcing our rights," says Louise Brinch Jepsen.

In addition, Patrade has provided consultancy in both patent and design protection matters, including on some of Queen's packaging solutions.

With this broad protection, both suppliers and consumers can rest assured that when you buy flowers or plants under the Queen brand, they stem from the Danish company.

"They know they're doing business with us and that they're receiving a quality product that will last. In addition, they are more likely to buy new products from us that they may not be familiar with beforehand. But because the products come from us and they know what we stand for, they trust us," says Louise Brinch Jepsen.

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“When you've spent endless resources on becoming the best in your field, there's no point in letting others cash in on it.”
Louise Brinch Jepsen

Louise Brinch Jepsen

Creative Manager

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