Validation of a European patent in Denmark

The validation process is also known as the national phase of a European patent.

If you have been granted a European patent, you can validate the patent in Denmark within three months from the mention of grant. As Denmark has signed the London agreement, the requirements are:

  • The specification must be filed in English or Danish
  • The claims must be filed in Danish
  • Annuities are calculated from the application date of the European patent

What Patrade can do for you

Patrade can take care of the translation of specification and/or claims from French and German into Danish for you. We will take care of everything necessary to validate your patent in Denmark, including filing, translation and payment and monitoring of annuity fees


Actually no documents are required but the following document will make our handling easier and quicker:

  • Decision to Grant, B1, word file of English description, if available.

This also means that you don’t need to send us any power of attorney.