Filing a national Danish patent

Citizens of any country can apply for a Danish Patent – with or without priority from a patent from another country.

The examination procedure is similar to the procedure of the European Patent Office.

The patent is valid for 20 years from the application date.


Official fees and annuities

A basic fee covers a maximum of 10 claims and 35 pages. For additional pages and claims a fee has to be paid. The annuity fees for the first three years are to be paid when filing the application. Subsequent annuities are paid annually.

What Patrade can do for you

Patrade can help you with the draft of a completely new application and the filing with the Danish Patent and Trade Mark Office as well as with the filing of your application with priority from another country together with all necessary documents.


When filing a Danish patent a power of attorney and an assignment are required. Patrade will send you the documents which you have to sign and return. It is, however, not necessary to legalize the documents.