Novelty Search

Prior to the filing of a patent application we recommend conducting a novelty search to see if an invention like yours already exists. The search is intended to prevent us from filing a patent application which is rejected for lack of novelty.

We search in different Danish and international databases as well as on the internet and this way we gather an idea of already existing inventions in this field.

We scrutinize these inventions and, afterwards, we will send you a report and our assessment together with a copy of the cited documents so that you can scrutinize them yourself.

If the novelty search reveals inventions that anticipate your invention, there is no reason to spend time and money on a patent application.

We are not only searching for inventions which directly anticipate your invention, but also for inventions which only resemble yours. It is important to take such inventions into count when drafting the patent application.

When taking into account inventions which resemble yours already when drafting the patent application, we may not have to adapt the application later during the examination procedure.