Infringement and litigation

The patent attorneys of Patrade are confident in carrying out infringement analysis in order to establish whether or not a certain device or a certain method infringes specific patents or designs.

When preparing infringement cases it is very important to have a solid knowledge of the optimum analysis methods and to have at your disposal a highly experienced staff including European patent attorneys, attorneys at law, paralegals, and searching experts.

In connection with infringement cases before the court it is a normal procedure that the accused part asks the court to request an independent expert's report - and for such occasions Patrade has at its disposal such independent experts approved by the Association of Danish Patent Agents.

Danish patent attorneys are not allowed to approach the bench in court cases. However, the patent attorneys of Patrade have the experience in providing IPR technical assistance to attorneys at law during the legal procedure in court cases. We also provide surveys and expert's opinions in conjunction with court cases and injunctions.