Growth in Africa

The growth economies of Mauritius and South Africa are better than or equally good as the more well-known ones of Brazil and India. And countries such as Rwanda, Morocco, Botswana and Algeria are performing better than the average Latin American countries. The African countries have also begun focusing on the protection of intellectual property rights. Thus, South Africa, Rwanda, Namibia, Mauritius and Botswana are among the 40 strongest countries in the world in terms of protecting intellectual property rights according to a new report, “Africa Competitiveness Report 2015”, which has been prepared by the World Economic Forum.

Reuter reports that Microsoft is trying to encourage the African countries to protect their intellectual property rights. With Microsoft’s 4Africa initiative, a free service has been created which provides help to newly established businesses and developers by, among other things, making lawyers available to them, e.g. if they need patent protection. Read more in the report from the World Economic Forum here