Environmental prize to Patrade client

Environmental prize to one of Patrade’s clients

Gypsum Recycling International which recycles gypsum plasterboards was awarded the Climate Cups CO2 reduction prize for companies having less than 500 employees. This is the second year in a row that Gypsum Recycling wins an environmental prize.

Last year, Gypsum Recycling won the newly established Cleantech prize of Vækstfonden and this year it was the Climate Cups CO2 reduction prize.

Gypsum Recycling won this year’s price because the company clearly demonstrates that a bonus is attached by recycling gypsum waste both business-wise but also climate-wise. Thus, the recycling reduces the discharge of CFCs significantly.

Gypsum Recycling has established an international business by recycling gypsum waste. The company has existed since 2001 and currently employs 30 employees spread over Europe, Asia and the USA.

Patrade has assisted Gypsum Recycling in taking out a patent relating to the process and the machine which converts all sorts of gypsum waste to new recycled gypsum. More precisely, it relates to mobile recycling plants, which cleanse the gypsum waste for impurities after which it is crushed into raw gypsum.

It solves the problem of the building industry in disposing of the waste and simultaneously Gypsum Recycling can generate a profit on the sale of the raw gypsum.

Gypsum is one of the most used materials inside the contemporary building industry today, but at the same time it is normally both expensive and difficult to dispose of. Moreover, the gypsum waste is difficult to handle if it is dumped at a dumping site, which storage can give rise to discharge of hazardous hydrogen sulphide but also CO2 which is one of the largest sinners in relation to the increased global heating.

Gypsum Recycling has a business model in which the company has earnings in all links of the value chain. Both when it comes to receiving the gypsum waste and when the company sells the raw gypsum for recycling in the gypsum industry.