Cookie and Privacy Policy

This cookie and privacy policy sets out how Patrade A/S manages personal data, and which cookies are collected when using our website

Who is the data controller?

The data controller of our website is Patrade A/S, which means that we are responsible for managing your personal data. Our contact information is listed below:

Patrade A/S
Ceresbyen 75
8000 Aarhus C

CVR number: 38740571

Tel. +45 7020 3770


What categorises as personal data?

Personal data is any information relating to physical, identifiable individuals such as name, address, email address, IP address etc. Click for more information on personal data. Patrade A/S only collects personal data about individuals signing up for our online newsletter and/or events.

How do we manage your personal data?

We keep your personal data for only as long as you consent. If you contact us or use the unsubscription link in our newsletter, your personal data will be deleted from our database.


This cookie policy for Patrade A/S describes which cookies we use on our website (, the purpose, how you deactivate cookies, and how Patrade A/S manages collected information.

What are cookies?
In short, a cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device used to visit our website. The file collects data about you and your navigation on our website – for statistical and marketing purposes.
Cookies DO NOT actively collect personal data stored on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device. Read more about cookies here.

How do you control your cookies?
Unless you actively deactivate cookies for our website, you will automatically consent to the collection and use of cookies on this website. You are able to delete or deactivate cookies from our website by changing your browser settings.

Which cookies are used by Patrade A/S and for what purpose?
Patrade A/S use cookies to collect information for statistical and marketing purposes. Please note that any information collected from cookies is completely anonymous and cannot be traced to named individuals.

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions on our cookie and privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at