Solid international experience

Patrade is very experienced in international protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) and works together with patent and trade mark attorneys all over the world. We assess IPR portfolios and we prepare trials in Denmark as well as internationally

worldPatrade assists with the protection of a new invention. From the initial work with the application over the filing with the Danish Patent and Trade Mark Office, The European Patent Office and WIPO, to the national phase filing of a PCT patent world-wide or the validation of a European Patent.

TrademarkFrequently, much goodwill is attributed to trade marks as the consumer in many cases recognizes the product by the trade mark. In Denmark using a trade mark will grant you statutory monopoly in the use of the trade mark.
IdeaA national Danish design registration is valid for 5 years and renewable for two terms of 5 years. Patrade has been working with design protection for several years and our staff encompasses a team of experienced Design Attorneys.